Levels of Customization

We offer 3 ways to shop designed to fit any style and budget beautifully. Select the best option for your time frame, budget & design vision.

Ready to Drape

Living Room with Seamed Drapes

A curated collection of ready-made drapes perfect for updating your decor simply, quickly & affordably.

Designed from an assortment of our favorite seasonal and classic fabrics, and cut to the most versatile lengths, these panels are made to suit most any window treatment or room.

Best for:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Affordable design budgets

Made to Measure

Dining Room with Seamed Drapes

Selecting from our beautiful collection of seasonal fabrics, choose from a range of design details to create the perfect style drapery for your home.

This custom process gives you all the tools to create a look you love from statement making designs to effortless, simple solutions.

Best for:

  • Projects that don’t require a quick turnaround (expect a 4 week turnaround time)
  • Those who want to incorporate special trim & other unique details to their drapes
  • Moderate design budgets


Seamed drapes in master bedroom

Fully custom design of the highest degree.

A process of private consultation, special ordering of one-of-a-kind fabrics, and the time intensive production of original treatments to create truly special designs perfectly tailored to meet your creative vision and unique decor needs.

Best for:

  • Projects that don’t require a quick turnaround (expect 2-3 months)
  • Those who desire a completely custom, one of a kind window treatment
  • Ample design budgets

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