Simple as they seem, roller shades are actually one of the most difficult window treatments to get right. It’s vital to work with an experienced window coverings expert to achieve the look and function you desire.

We aren’t just some dude in a truck. We are a team of experienced designers and installers. We proudly offer Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades which come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and Right Choice Promise™ so you can buy with confidence.

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“We remodeled our kitchen and they provided window treatments for our dining room, patio door, and kitchen window. Our Drapery Street consultant was not only a talented designer, but she was willing to go the extra mile to make sure the look is exactly what we wanted.”

“I consistently rely on the experienced professionals at Drapery Street for client needs. They have an impressive Hunter Douglas Design Studio showroom with fantastic samples & models of just about any style we can dream up. My clients receive fantastic pricing, measuring services, and installation.”

Avoid these three disasters when buying blackout window treatments:

Mounting Errors

How you mount your shades is a critical consideration. There are many mounting details which an inexperienced installer may not be capable of addressing. For example, an outside mount is much more successful at reducing light than an inside mount. Too often, installers will rush through a job and not consider the homeowner’s needs.

Aesthetics and Wear Issues

Our designers will consider your window and window orientation to help you choose the right size headrail. Other installers often overlook this step resulting in a poorly designed window treatment. Keep in mind that poor mounting also increases wear and tear on your shades, reducing their lifespan. We think it’s such a shame when that happens. Shades are an investment in your home. You deserve a product that is built and installed to last. Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades from Drapery Street come with the Hunter Douglas Limited Lifetime Warranty and Right Choice Promise™ so you can buy with confidence.

The Wrong Weave

Roller shades come in varying weaves which determines how much light will enter the room. When deciding which you want, it’s important to consider the placement of furniture. An open weave on a window that casts light across your television, for example, is not ideal, nor do you want an open weave on a shade that faces your favorite reading chair. A very open weave on a bedroom window leaves little to the imagination when you’ve got the lights on at night. A denser weave will solve these problems.An open weave can offer visibility and can also give you a lovely, soft-edged view of the outdoor scenery. Our designers will help you determine the appropriate level of openness for each room in your home.

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The Details Matter!

Work with a company that knows technology and design. We are a Hunter Douglas Gallery and a Design Boutique, which means we are among the most fully trained in making sure your window coverings will meet your functional AND design needs.  

Indianapolis Area’s ONLY Hunter Douglas Centurion Gallery

In addition to the Hunter Douglas Lifetime Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty, as the Indianapolis area’s only Hunter Douglas Centurion Gallery we have exclusive access to the Right Choice Promise™. You can purchase with peace of mind, knowing that we are 100% committed to getting it right and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We Have the Experience and the Know-How

We are experts at installing window treatments and integrating with home automation systems. We never use subcontractors. Want to hide your shades in the ceiling? Want to make sure your wires aren’t mounted outside of your inside mounted shades? No problem! Our team will handle it!