Adding Personality to Your Drapes with Trim

One of the things that makes Drapery Street stand out from other retailers is that every drapery panel we sell is fully customizable. What does that mean? It means that once you find a panel you love, you can visit our Trim Bar and work with our design team to find just the right accent for your drapes. We have hundreds of options available, so you can make your window treatments reflect your style and personality.

Drapery Trim Ideas

Why Not DIY?

It might be tempting to add your own trim to a drape, but there are some key reasons we caution against this approach.

  1. Many people envision drapery panels as being just large rectangles of fabric, but in actuality, quality drapes are custom-fit to your windows, well-constructed, pleated, and lined. Adding trim to a cheap panel will not create the same effect as trimming a well-made panel.
  2. Trim is expensive and we recommend putting it on a well-made drape that has been designed specifically for your window.

The options for trim are truly endless. We have all kinds of unique options for your drapes, but here are a few drapery trim ideas that we really think work well in a variety of settings.


Drapery Trim Ideas | Banding

Banding is one of our most popular trim choices, and the options are virtually endless. You can add banding to the top, bottom, or sides of your drapes, and the look you create is entirely up to you. We love the geometric print banding on this shade. It elevates a basic style to something that is truly special.

Nailhead Trim

Drapery Trim Ideas | Nailhead Trim

Another trim option that adds personality is nailhead trim. Adding nailhead trim to your drapes is a great way to blend hard and soft, creating a beautiful contrast. This breezy drape is already beautiful, but the addition of a silver nailhead trim adds personality!


Drapery Trim Ideas | Fringe Trim

If you’d like to add a touch of whimsy to your drapes, fringe is the way to go. Fringe is fun and playful, and adds a little bit of motion to your window treatments. Fringe is a great compliment to this leopard print valance — both of them have a bold style that is guaranteed to turn heads.


Drapery Trim Ideas | Beading

Is elegant beauty what you’re after? Add luxury to a basic drapery panel with beaded trim. Beading brings sparkle and shine to your drapes, and transform something simple into something that is luxurious and refined. The gold beaded fringe is one of our favorite choices, and looks perfect when partnered with a silky drape.

This list is only a starting point for the offerings at our Trim Bar. Schedule a design consultation with us to see all that we have available, and begin designing drapes with personality. We’ll make sure your windows are well-dress, right down to the smallest detail!

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