Window Treatments for the Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse design has taken the country by storm and for good reason. It’s a winning combination of the best trends from the previous several years: rustic, industrial, and modern. When choosing window treatments for this style, it’s all about minimalism with functionality.


The Modern Farmhouse Myth

Many people incorrectly believe you need to avoid window treatments altogether to obtain a minimalist look. When you skip window treatments, you miss out on the many and varied benefits they offer. You can forget privacy! Neighbors and passersby will be able to gaze right into your house. Window treatments provide a layer of security and without them, you might as well put a “not home” sign on your lawn. Additionally, well-constructed window coverings offer energy-efficiency, protect your home furnishings from fading, and reduce sun glare.

It is possible to achieve a clean aesthetic and let in natural light while also obtaining privacy and the other advantages that window treatments afford. The trick is working with a knowledgeable window treatment expert who is well-versed in the different products, operating systems, and installation techniques that allow for each of these goals to be met.

Window Treatments for the Modern Farmhouse
Can you believe it? These windows have window treatments on them!  

Natural Light and Privacy

Drapery Street carries several Hunter Douglas products that allow for daytime views and provide nighttime privacy. Roller Screen Shades are available in varying degrees of opacity, so you can find just the right balance of light and privacy. Hunter Douglas Duolite products are unique because they have a sheer component for daytime and a semi-opaque component for nighttime. This award-winning product offers light filtration, privacy, and room darkening in one beautiful window treatment. Furthermore, Hunter Douglas products help with energy-efficiency, protect against UV rays, and reduce sun glare.

Window Film

For those windows in your home that do not require nighttime privacy, window film can be a smart choice. Drapery Street proudly carries and installs Hüper Optik window film, which blocks 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays, reduces solar energy, and reduces sun glare while enhancing your views. In the past, reflective and tinted glass were viewed as the best options for reducing heat from the sun’s rays. Unfortunately, these options reduce visible light and are not cohesive with a modern farmhouse aesthetic. Hüper Optik window film, however, allows beautiful sunlight to stream into your home while filtering out the heat and damaging UV rays that would normally accompany natural light. Our installation pros can attach this film to your windows in a way that is essentially invisible.


PowerView motorization provides the functionality a modern farmhouse demands. This smart home technology allows you to adjust your window treatments with your phone or program them to open and close at predetermined times. They can even be programmed to automatically adjust to local sunrise and sunset times. Motorization is one of the simplest ways to alternate between a great view and privacy. It is compatible with most Hunter Douglas products and can be integrated with your whole home automation system.

Installation is Key

What good is a minimalist window treatment with a bulky headrail or clunky installation job?  Precise installation is key in modern farmhouse design. One way to achieve beautifully clean lines is by recessing window coverings into the ceiling or walls, hiding them fully until they are closed. Pair recessed installation with motorization for the ultimate combination of modern farmhouse design and functionality.

Window Treatments for the Modern Farmhouse
The window covering in this modern farmhouse kitchen is recessed, essentially making it invisible until it is closed using PowerView motorization.

There is no reason to sacrifice privacy, security, glare control, UV protection, and energy-efficiency for a minimalist look. You can achieve the clean lines and natural light that are quintessential to modern farmhouse design with the proper window treatments, operating system, and installation methods.

When selecting window treatments for your modern farmhouse, why go it alone when you can work with an expert? Drapery Street’s design services are complimentary. Schedule your free consultation here.

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