9 Biggest Mistakes in Drapery Design

When it comes to custom window treatments, choosing the right product is extremely important. You’re making an investment in something that you will be living with for years to come, so you want to select something you love that works for your space.

Over the years, we’ve been in many homes, and we’ve seen some of the mistakes people have made when choosing drapes for their home. Here are a few of the most common errors we see people make in drapery design.

1. Placing Rods Too Low

Many times people place their drapery rods too low, positioning them directly on the trim of the window or just above. If your ceiling is less than nine feet high, this isn’t the best placement of drapery rods. Placing rods higher can create an illusion of more light and can make your windows look longer. 

2. Going Too Plain

Choosing a plain, one-width drapery is not usually the best way to accentuate the beauty of your home. Adding a subtle and understated detail, like a trim, inner lining, or even a pattern, can go a long way to making your drapes look special.

3. Choosing Colors Based on Décor You Hate

Don’t feel as though you “have to” choose a particular color or style of window treatments to match your current décor, especially if you don’t love the style you currently have. Invest in the color, pattern, or design that you love. Our designers can help you find the right way to work drapes you love into your room in a way that is beautiful and fresh.

4. Not Spending Wisely

It’s important to consider your budget. Rather than spreading your budget thin through several rooms in your home, invest in that one special room where your family spends the most time. Allow this room to communicate who you are.

5. Not Properly Lining Your Drapes

Lining does three things: it protects against fading, it makes drapes fuller, and it offers sound and thermal protection. Lining your drapes properly is essential for protecting your investment. Our favorite lining is the English Bump, which provides fullness without adding another width of fabric.

6. Not Considering the View From the Front

If you hang unpleated drapes, from the outside it will look as though you’ve hung a sheet in your window. Hanging unlined drapes allows people to see through the panels from the outside. Pleating gives movement, structure, and refinement and should not be abandoned in order to cut costs. Again, budgeting from the beginning is important and pleating and lining will always be taken into consideration.

7. Not Considering Function

Style is extremely important when choosing window treatments, but it’s important to consider function as well. If you’re placing a shade in a spot where it would be hard to raise and lower, consider opting for motorization. Think about what you want your window treatments to look like, and what you want to do with them.

8. Going Too Trendy

Trends are great, but letting a trendy print dominate may mean that your draperies will look dated in a few years. Add textures or details to trendy items to help them compliment your space.

9. Not Considering Two-Story Windows

If you have two-story windows, you are faced with a decision. You can either place the rod between the two stories, or you can place the rod at the top of the window. Placing the rod in the middle creates a cozy atmosphere; placing a rod at the top creates a more grand and regal effect. These decisions will be part of planning and design from the beginning.

How can you avoid these common drapery mistakes? Schedule a consultation with a Drapery Street designer. We’re familiar with every detail of the window treatment process, and we will make sure you avoid making costly mistakes. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make all the right choices for your home.

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