What Causes Home Furnishings to Fade?

Have you noticed your furniture, draperies, or flooring fading over time? Does your once vibrant red rug now have a pinkish hue? Does your black accent chair now look more murky grey than midnight black? Most homeowners have experienced fading home furnishings in at least one room of their home. What causes this frustrating problem?

What Causes Home Furnishings to Fade? How to Prevent Fade Damage

It is commonly believed that ultraviolet light is the sole cause of fade damage. But that’s only half of the story… or actually only 40% of the story. Fading is caused by a combination of factors: 40% UV light, 25% direct/visible light, 25% solar heat, and 10% miscellaneous factors (such as humidity and indirect light).

It’s important to understand the combination of factors that cause fading if you want to address this problem in your home. There are many products on the market that claim to prevent fading because they reduce UV rays. But unless a product is addressing ALL of these factors your home furnishing will still suffer from fade damage.

Many homeowners believe that their Low-E (low emissivity) windows will prevent fade damage from occurring. While Low-E windows have many benefits, such as reducing winter heat loss, most only block UV rays at 95% or less. While 95% seems like great protection, unless you are blocking 99% of the sun’s UV rays from entering your home, you’ll still notice fading. Additionally, many Low-E windows do not address the other factors that cause fade damage, like direct light, indirect light, and solar heat.

Keeping your shades down or your drapes drawn can help prevent your furniture and floors from fading. But that means you’re blocking natural light from entering your home and you’re missing out on the great views your windows offer. While we’re big fans of shades and draperies around here, we’re NOT big fans of keeping them closed at all times! So we sought out a solution to help with fade damage but still allow access to natural light and views. That solution is Hüper Optik window film.

Hüper Optik Window Film helps prevent furnishings from fading

There are many reasons to love Hüper Optik window film, but most notably is that it’s the best product on the market to address fade damage. Hüper Optik’s advanced technology blocks 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays, offers the best protection against solar heat, and reduces visible light transmission. It is the only window film that is dye free and metal free, and it will not corrode or yellow over time.

Hüper Optik window film can be applied to all types of insulated windows, including Low-E windows. Since the window film is not applied to the Low-E coating, it will not affect the reduction in winter heat loss that the Low-E coating provides. Low-E windows with Hüper Optik film enjoy the benefits of reduced winter heat loss, reduced summer heat, reduced sun glare, and the best fade protection possible.

While there is no product that can entirely eliminate fading, Hüper Optik window film will drastically slow down the process and allow your furnishings to look vibrant and beautiful for many more years.

Learn more about Hüper Optik window film and schedule a free in-home consultation here.

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