Decision Points for Window Treatments: Get it right with an expert!

Choosing new window treatments can be fun but the number of choices to be made can become overwhelming past a certain point. Questions you don’t even know you need to ask can affect your enjoyment of the results. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises! Work with a window treatment expert who knows the questions to ask and can make the process enjoyable rather than stressful.

Window Treatment Decision Points: Get it right with an expert!

The Basics

First, what type of window treatment do you need? This probably sounds like the most basic decision there is: blinds, shades, shutters, or drapes. But having the same treatments on every single window could get monotonous. Plus, different rooms have different needs. The bold statement you make in your dining room or formal living room is probably not necessary in your guest bathroom. The privacy you need in your bathroom is probably greater than what’s needed in your dining room.

When you come in for a free design consultation at Drapery Street, the first thing your designer will do is take you on a tour of our showroom, which has full-size samples of all our products. You are encouraged to operate each product and see which ones you like best. Your designer will provide tips and product information to help you decide which products will work the best in each room of your home.

The Budget

Changing things up from room to room is a smart way to ease your budget, too. You might choose non-functional drapes for rooms where you want a pop of color or added texture but it doesn’t matter whether they open or close. You can also make more budget-conscious fabric or finish choices. The affordable treatments you select for your kitchen or bedroom, for instance,  provide the flexibility to do something more dramatic elsewhere. And keep in mind that some rooms may require multiple treatments working in tandem. For example, in certain situations, blinds can look stark without drapes to frame them.

Your Drapery Street designer will always keep your budget in mind and help you know when to spend and where to save.


On the most practical level window treatments are about light. The amount of light admitted by your treatments should be harmonious with the needs of the space. Your bedroom is only as good as the quality of sleep it provides, so consider whether you need an opaque treatment or even blackout. And the bedroom isn’t the only room that benefits from light control. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as sitting down to watch a little TV and being stymied by screen glare.

During your consultation, your designer will talk to you about your lighting needs in each room of your home and show you different materials and products that will accomplish your goals.


There are a lot of considerations when choosing materials. In the bathroom, for example, you’ll want to choose a material that won’t warp or crack in the humidity. Some fabrics evolve over time. Linen drapes are stunning, but linen is also guaranteed to stretch. Will the organic nature of this change delight you or will your enthusiasm fade over time? It’s important to also consider how a fabric will look when hung in a window. Will that textile you fell in love with look the way you expect when light is filtering through it? If not, what lining should be used to more closely align the look of your drapes or shades with the vision in your mind’s eye? And don’t forget to consider how each material will look from outside your house!

Your Drapery Street designer will have an extensive knowledge of materials and the pros and cons of each. When choosing a fabric, your designer will do things like hold the fabric up in the light so you can see how it will look in a window. These little considerations can be hard to remember but you don’t need to because your designer will!

Operating System

Window treatments have different options for operating them. You’ll have the opportunity to select a cord, cord-lock, cordless lift, or a motorized operating system. When choosing an operating system, you’ll want to consider things like safety, accessibility, security, and energy efficiency.

Cordless and motorization are the safest options for young children and pets. Motorization is a wonderful solution for windows that are difficult to reach, like over the kitchen sink or high up in a stairwell. Well-constructed window treatments help with the energy efficiency of your home, but motorization takes energy efficiency to a whole other level. With PowerView motorization, you can program your window coverings to work in tandem with your thermostat to optimize the temperature of your home.

Motorization also creates a new standard for security. In the past, untouched treatments were a dead giveaway that you were traveling. But motorization allows you to program your treatments to open and close on a consistent schedule no matter where in the world you are. You can even use your phone to spontaneously change your settings in response to weather or the concerns of a neighbor.

Your Drapery Street designer will go through each of these considerations and help you choose the operating system that works best for you. We never take a “one-size-fits-all” approach and wouldn’t encourage you to either. You’ll likely want a combination of corded, cordless, and motorized window treatments and we’ll be there to help you decide which window needs which operating system.

Small Details, Big Impact

Now, let’s take a moment to consider the small touches that truly personalize your home. For example, what kind of drapery pleat would you prefer? Do you want to add a custom trim to your drapes or shades? You might love the soft look of drapes puddling on the floor. Then again, you might prefer them just skimming the carpet. And have you considered how far your headrails will project into the room? And then there’s the issue of hardware. Rods and finials come in many different shapes, materials, and finishes. For maximum effect, you’ll want to choose carefully when pairing them with your window treatments.

This is where your design consultation gets really fun! Your designer will show you all your customization options so you can create something uniquely yours.


Inside mount or outside mount? How high and wide should the drapery rod be hung? Your designer will have the answers! And there’s never a need to DIY this step because installation is included in your Drapery Street purchase.


Because of the many factors involved, it’s important to work with an expert to get things exactly right. Drapery Street is here to guide you through the questions you don’t even know to ask. We have a wealth of experience to offer so you can actually enjoy the process of feathering your nest. We further ease the decision-making process by offering the Hunter Douglas Right Choice Promise and a Love It Guarantee. You’ll be able to buy with confidence knowing we will swap out your choice for another product if you aren’t 100% happy. So don’t go it alone. Lean on trusted experts so you can relax and enjoy the results.

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