How to Choose Drapery Rods

When we work on creating a drapery design, there’s much attention focused on the drape itself. Fabric, trim, and pleating are all important elements of the drape that are carefully chosen. But just as important as the drapes themselves are the rods on which you hang them.

Drapery rods are not just functional; they are an opportunity to add another touch of your personal style to your window. A thoughtfully chosen drapery rod can elevate your design. It’s small, intentional choices like this that make a big difference.

We’ve talked before about why drapery rods are so important, but how do you choose the right rod for your new drapes? We’ve put together three things we think you should consider when making this small but important decision.


How to Pick the Perfect Drapery Rod - Drapery Street

It goes without saying that you will want hardware that looks great with your drapery fabric. If your fabric is in cool tones, a silver-based rod may work best for you. Warmer tones might pair better with a gold or brass rod. But don’t be afraid of contrast! Silver and gold are not your only options. Your designer will help you pair your fabric with several different options to find the right match.


How to Pick the Perfect Drapery Rod - Drapery Street

Your drapery rod will become part of your room, so it’s important to consider your existing furnishings. Do you want to match the existing finishes in the room? Do you want to coordinate your drapery rod with a sofa or bedspread? There are no wrong answers, only what works for you. In your in-home consultation (included with every Design Simple package), your designer can see your existing furnishings and help you make the right decision.


How to Choose the Right Drapery Rod

What matters most is finding the drapery rod that suits your personal style and the style of your drapes. We have all kinds of finishes and finial selections, from laid back to very formal. Do you love sparkle and bling? You can have it in your drapery rod. Prefer something more understated? We can do that, too.

How to Choose the Right Curtain Rod

One innovation in drapery rods that we are really loving is the curved rod, like the one we used in a recent project, shown above. Curved rods are great for covering rounded spaces without breaking up the line of your drapes. If you’re looking to cover windows in a uniquely shaped space, a curved rod can be a great solution.

How to Pick the Right Drapery Rod

Are you ready to assemble all the right details to create a beautiful window? Contact us to schedule a design consultation.

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