The Importance of Custom Drapery Rods

We’re fond of saying that when you’re working to create a gorgeous window, “it’s all in the details.” Every detail of your window treatments matters, from the fabric to the lining to the trim. Another important detail is the type of rod used to hang your drapes. Yes, even the drapery rod matters!

The Importance of Custom Drapery Rods - Drapery Street

Here are some reasons we prefer using custom drapery rods:

Custom-fitted Rods vs. Rod Pockets

We don’t like using rod pockets with drapes, because they don’t allow for structure and shape. When closed, your drapes end up looking like bed sheets because there is no pleating. The gathered look of a rod pocket can be fussy, and doesn’t work well with more modern or contemporary styling. Drapes hung with rod pockets are also difficult to open and close, because they drag on the rod.

The Importance of Custom Drapery Rods - Drapery Street

Custom-fitted Rods vs. Adjustable Rods

Adjustable rods are another tricky product. We’ve seen many drapes end up ripped because they caught on the overlap while being opened. The rods also have a tendency to sag in the middle, especially when they are extended all the way out. A custom-fitted rod presents a clean line, with no lip to disrupt the length of the rod.

What if I’m on a Budget?

If you’re working within a tight budget, focus on high-quality drapes and opt for lower-cost rods. Choose an adjustable rod and don’t extend it any further than necessary. A center bracket is also helpful in supporting the rod and covering the lip. Pay attention to price; the goal with an adjustable rod is to keep your costs low. Upwards of $200 is too much to spend; at that price you should be choosing a custom-fitted rod.

Drapery Street can help you choose every detail of your window treatments, from the aesthetic to the functional. We’ll over see each step of the process, including measurement and installation, so you never have to worry about how your drapes will work in your space. Schedule a design consultation with us to learn more about our process and how we can help. Our design team will put together all the right details to create a beautiful finished product.

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