Introducing Fusion Shades by Drapery Street

Black window frames on the exterior of a home are more than a passing craze. They have made a welcome resurgence and are here to stay. Bold exterior window frames provide a pop of interest to the outside of your home that builds curb appeal and amplifies visual impact. 

Many black window frames are actually white on the inside of the home. This creates a conundrum for window treatments. Do you match the inside or outside frame color? 

The answer is both! 

Fusion Shades

Our unique process of weaving a black exterior-facing fabric and white or light interior-facing fabric eliminates the issue. What once was an unsolvable problem in the world of window treatments is now solved by Fusion Shades. 

Fusion Shades blend seamlessly with both the interior and exterior of your window frames. The front of the shade is matched to your wall color or window frame color. We have two options for implementing our Fusion Shades; a Roman shade or roller shade. Which one you choose depends on your unique window and style preference. 

We have hundreds of fabrics in our showroom, which can be used with the Roman shade to match the interior color of your choosing. The lining, seen from the streetside, is black. Our roller shade solution has a black or bronze exterior facing side and ten different variations of white interior-facing options.

Even though the lining of the shade is dark, the front side remains light and bright. Depending on the opacity of the shade you choose, it will still allow light to filter in.  

Fusion shades from Drapery Street
Beautiful light fabric matches the interior of the home. Draperies were paired with the Fusion Shades for blackout capabilities. 

From the street the shades fully blend into the window frames. Privacy is accomplished without sacrificing style. Neighbors can admire your home’s exterior without getting an accidental peek inside.

Fusion shades for black window frames
The Fusion Shades blend seamlessly into the window frames, resulting in a pleasing reflection and privacy for the homeowner. 

There’s more to Fusion Shades than just stunning design. These beautiful shades can also be installed using the latest in motorization technology. Using Alexa or Google, you can control your shades to open or close with the tap of an app or simple voice control commands. Or, program your shades to operate on a fixed schedule or automatically adjust to local sunrise and sunset times.

Are you ready to be wowed by your window treatments? Reach out today to schedule your complimentary design consultation.

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