Meet Drapery Street’s Owner, Caryn O’Sullivan

Caryn O’Sullivan brings a unique set of experiences to Drapery Street, her custom window-coverings boutique. A CPA with a Masters in Business from the Kellogg School at Northwestern, Caryn displays an innovative spirit and meticulous attention to detail—combined qualities that yield gorgeous results for her clients.

Meet Drapery Street’s Owner, Caryn O'Sullivan

“I’ve had a varied career path and I have loved every twist and turn. Every job and school on my path have had an influence on Drapery Street.” – Caryn O’Sullivan, Owner of Drapery Street

This thirteen-year resident of Indianapolis has an impressive resume, and each line informs her business in its own way. For example, her work in Logistics and Supply Chain consulting means that Caryn understands the issues facing the vendors who supply Drapery Street. Caryn looks for areas where diligence on her part can reduce their costs: for example, returning fabric memos she’s not using. “We treat vendors as partners. We expect them to deliver on all expectations but we are loyal and understand that if we can save them cost, then we can pass those savings onto our customers,” Caryn states.

This cooperative way of doing business benefits everyone involved. Not only is she able to pass on savings to customers, but also build positive, long-term professional relationships that keep textiles and other necessities flowing into Drapery Street. She also asks for vendor feedback when she’s developing new products— which ensures that orders progress smoothly from the boutique to your home.

Caryn is the kind of person who constantly strives to improve. Her experience with start-ups led her to seek out an experienced investor with whom she could have a mentor/mentee relationship. She describes her partner, Karen Corsaro, as a gift, someone who “taught me how to lead and how to execute.” Caryn works to instill the same sort of intellectual curiosity in her employees. As a result, Drapery Street is a dynamic, innovative environment.

Meet Drapery Street’s Owner, Caryn O'Sullivan

“Drapery Street is very much a team environment. I love brainstorming with our designers. The idea and products you see at Drapery Street are a collaboration with our designers, our customers, and our vendors.” – Caryn

Caryn’s experience with relocation and remodeling is the final piece of the puzzle. While remodeling two homes of her own, she developed a keen respect for artisans who can successfully marry creativity with diligence and follow-through. Drapery Street was born out of a commitment to these qualities.

“During my home remodels I experienced first-hand what it is like to select from the sea of options and create a space that is uniquely yours. I appreciated artisans I worked with on my project who were able to merge my ideas with their experience to create a fantastic final product. I love brainstorming with customers and helping them bring their ideas to life — within their budget, timeframe, and unique style. This is the reason we have a workshop environment that really includes the customer in the design process,” Caryn explains.

Caryn thrives on the unique challenges of customizing other people’s living spaces. Drapery Street is a Hunter Douglas Gallery, and offers many beautiful, high-end fabrics, but Caryn has also made a point of creating products that make customized window-coverings possible for those with more modest budgets.

Caryn O’Sullivan’s business acumen and eye for innovation have made her boutique what it is today. She focuses on bespoke products that match the visions in her customers’ imaginations, and the job isn’t done until every obstacle has been overcome and the homeowner is delighted.

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