Setting the Scene With PowerView Motorization

Many people choose blinds or shades for their home because of their ability to easily control the flow of sunlight into the home. However, blinds and shades have to be adjusted throughout the day to receive the full benefit of this control.

Manually adjusting your blinds and shades may not seem like a big thing, but when you have several throughout your house, the time and energy spent can add up. Let’s be serious; your time is valuable and you have more important things to do than worry about adjusting your window treatments. Wouldn’t it be great if you could “set and forget” your blinds and shades?

Hunter Douglas PowerView™

Hunter Douglas motorization offers you just that. In addition to providing the highest quality window treatments, they also now offer PowerView™ technology. Through a remote control or an app on your smartphone, you can program your window treatments to adjust themselves automatically, so your room always has the perfect ambiance.

Set the Perfect Scene

You can achieve these perfect adjustments by creating scenes in the PowerView™ app. Scenes are specific settings you tailor for each location in your home at each time of day. Scenes are fully customizable, and you can create as many as you need, for any location in your home equipped with this technology. You can schedule your scenes to operate automatically, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

One thing that can be challenging with this type of automation is the ever-changing sunrise and sunset times we experience. PowerView™ products can be set to adjust to your local sunrise and sunset, meaning you won’t have to worry about anticipating longer or shorter days.

The PowerView™ app allows you to adjust your scenes from anywhere you have internet access. PowerView™ also fully integrates with the Logitech Home Harmony system, so you can manage all of your home automation from one spot.


Award-Winning Technology

Just how innovative is this technology? It was named one of the “Best of the Year” by Interior Design magazine. It was also chosen as a 2015 Design Innovation award winner by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association. Hunter Douglas is leading the way in innovation, and PowerView™ is at the forefront of automation technology.

If you’re ready to take your window treatments to the next level, we’d love to talk with you about the best ways to incorporate automation. Schedule a  consultation, and you’ll be able to see full-sized samples of our Hunter Douglas products and find out more about the time-saving features available. Because Hunter Douglas products are as stylish as they are innovative, your high-tech windows will always be well-dressed.

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