Window Treatment Inspiration for 2024 Interior Design Trends

Interior design is always evolving. Here are the emerging trends we will be seeing throughout 2024 and beyond, with tips on how to incorporate them into your window treatments. 

Large-Scale Prints

2024 is all about making a statement and there’s no better way to do that than with bold patterns and large-scale prints. Think candy-cane stripes, herringbone, geometric shapes, pop-art-inspired florals, and damask. Make ceilings look taller with vertical-striped drapes or use a geometric patterned shade as a statement piece. Any large-scale print will keep your home on trend. 

Roman shades by Drapery Street.
Custom drapes by Drapery Street.
M/I Model Homes with Home Matters Staging/Autumn Janowski. Window treatments by Drapery Street.
M/I Model Homes. Window treatments by Drapery Street.


Floral patterns started trending with the emergence of cottagecore, grandmillenial, and maximilist aesthetics. In 2024, floral patterns will continue to gain in popularity — from vintage chintz to retro 70s-inspired florals in golds and oranges. If you want to dip your toes into florals, consider adding a top treatment such as a Roman shade, cornice, or mock shade in a floral fabric. If you are all in, floral draperies will make the impact you desire. 

Window treatments by Drapery Street.


Brown is having a moment in both fashion and home decor. Replace drab grays with rich, earthy browns. Dark browns, warm browns, light browns, caramel browns, chocolate browns… they’re all in! Think of brown as the default neutral of 2024. There are lots of ways to incorporate brown into your window treatments, from rich brown velvet drapes to bamboo woven wood shades

M/I Model Homes with Home Matters Staging/Autumn Janowski. Window treatments by Drapery Street.
Window treatments by Drapery Street.
M/I Model Homes. Window treatments by Drapery Street.

Quiet Luxury

When it comes to interior design, ‘quiet luxury’ is about timeless elegance and investment pieces that elevate a space. Think sustainable materials, dark woods, and luxe fabrics. To embrace this style at your windows, consider investing in classic draperies using silk, velvet, or linen fabrics and wood shutters made with dovetail construction methods and sustainably harvested hardwoods.

Sigma Builders. Interior design by Stephanie Wiott Designs. Window treatments by Drapery Street.

Quiet luxury embraces class design elements but embraces the modern era with discreetly integrated smart technology. Prewiring for your window treatments allows for a low-profile installation without battery packs or unsightly wires. Automated treatments integrate with your smart home system to quietly adjust throughout the day — ensuring your light, ambiance, and privacy are perfect without any fuss. 

Personalized Interiors 

Say goodbye to Instagram-era decor where every home’s interior looks the same. 2024 is the year to embrace your unique style, personality, and history and portray that throughout your home. Think family heirlooms, vintage lighting, collectibles, reclaimed furniture, textured walls, woodgrain millwork, and personal art collections. 

To personalize your window treatments, consider choosing couture fabrics or custom-designed digitally printed fabrics. Drapery Street has partnered with Kristy Stafford, a Midwest artist and textile designer, to allow our customers to change the colors or scale of any fabric design before it is printed resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece. 

Bespoke & Artisanal Work 

The perfect complement to both quiet luxury and personalized interiors are bespoke and artisanal pieces. One-of-a-kind pieces add a bespoke touch to any space. This can be a framed piece of art made by your child, a locally commissioned piece of furniture, or custom drapes made using a couture fabric. 

All of the drapes we make at Drapery Street are sewn by experienced seamstresses in workrooms in the Midwest United States. They undergo a 9-point inspection that produces quality and accuracy in every stitch that cannot be duplicated by competitors. 

Drapery Street’s Head of Workroom, Nina, and Drapery Street seamstress, Loris. 

Mixing Textures 

Mixing material and textures within the same room adds visual interest and dimension. It makes a home feel more personal as the elements look collected rather than designed. And as we’ve already mentioned, personalization is key in 2024! Try mixing different fabrics, patterns, and textures in the same space. Think plaster walls, wood floors, tile backsplashes, wallpapered ceilings, and drapes or shades in a compelling pattern or fabric. 

M/I Model Homes with Home Matters Staging/Autumn Janowski. Window treatments by Drapery Street.
M/I Model Homes with Home Matters Staging/Autumn Janowski. Window treatments by Drapery Street.
Drapes by Drapery Street.
Drapes & shades by Drapery Street.

Health & Wellness Focus 

Since the pandemic, there has been a shift in the ways we use our homes and an emphasis on the restorative nature of our homes. This lasting trend will continue in 2024. 

Window treatments play a major role in creating a restorative home. Blackout shades and drapes can help you achieve better sleep which is key to good health. New Aura™ Illuminated Shades can replicate the sun at your windows anytime you want so you can enjoy a natural wake-up before the sunrise or enjoy a warm glow even on overcast days. 

Connecting with nature is essential for mental and physical health. Exterior shades can transform your porch into a comfortable outdoor living space so you can enjoy nature at home year-round. Enjoy bug-free summer afternoons and warm and cozy fall evenings with state-of-the-art outdoor shades. 

Motorized outdoor shades by Drapery Street.


‘Spathrooms’ or spa-inspired bathrooms are a health and wellness trend on their own that is taking off, especially in new construction homes. These bathrooms include spa features like steam showers, saunas, cold plunges, and backlit mirrors. But even the most luxurious bathroom doesn’t feel relaxing if your privacy is compromised so thoughtful window treatments are a must. For your spathroom, consider vinyl shutters of faux wood blinds that can withstand moisture and humidity. Top-down bottom-up window treatments allow you to get ready in natural light while still maintaining your privacy. Draperies can add a touch of luxury that completes the spa-like feel. 

Kathleen Post’s home design by Jenny Hollander Designs. Window treatments by Drapery Street.
Stephanie Wiott Designs. Window treatments by Drapery Street.

Specialty-Shaped Windows

Custom homes will continue to be filled with custom-size and specialty-shaped windows in 2024 and many years to come. These windows bring personality and uniqueness to the home but pose a challenge for homeowners when it comes to sun control and privacy. Custom windows need custom window treatment solutions so that their shape is maintained but light control and privacy can be achieved. Arched shutters, arched Roman shades, two-story motorized drapes, and angled shades are all great options depending on your particular window shape and size. 

Roman shades by Drapery Street.
Window treatments by Drapery Street.

Silver Metals 

Silver metals like polished nickel, pewter, and chrome are making a comeback in 2024. One easy way to incorporate these trending metals into your home is by changing out your drapery rods and rings. 

Drapes by Drapery Street.

Home Automation 

Smart homes continue to get smarter and 2024 will see even more people embracing the technology. Motorized window treatments are one of the most sought-after automated luxuries. However, many companies only automate one or two shade styles. If 2024 is the year you plan to embrace smart home living, be sure to meet with experts in the field such as Drapery Street so you can ensure you’re getting both the best technology and the largest selection of product options. We can automate all styles of window treatments including shutters, blinds, Roman shades, roller shades, sheer shades, outdoor shades, and draperies. 

We look forward to seeing you in one of our showrooms this year. Our designers can personalize something that isn’t just trendy but fits your unique style. To get started, request a complimentary design consultation

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