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In fashion you often hear about looks that take you from day to night – styles that are versatile and appropriate in a variety of settings. The same is true in drapery design. There are fabrics that combine elegance and comfort, creating a setting that is rich in luxury but still feels like home. One of our favorite fabrics to set this tone is slubby silk.

What is slubby silk? It’s silk fabric that is woven from threads of uneven thickness. This creates a richly textured fabric that looks lovely when used in drapery panels. Let’s explore some of our favorite looks.

Slubby Silk Seating Area

Isn’t this a lovely seating area? The texture of the slubby silk drapes coordinates nicely with the textured fabric used on the chairs. The ikat shades are a great contrast and bring a hint of color to the design. The result is a cozy spot to relax or enjoy a conversation with a friend.

Slubby Silk Drapes in Bedroom

Another perfect blend of comfort and elegance can be seen in this bedroom. The gorgeous silk drapes  add a refined feel to the room, while the quilt and furnishings keep the space relaxed. We love how these drapes look when paired with shutters!

Slubby Silk Drapes in a Dining Room

The comfortable luxury of slubby silk also works great in your dining room. In this dining room, the shimmer of slubby silk drapes elevates the refinement of the room, while the plush chairs and ikat rug keep the room laid back and serene. This contrast creates a room that is unique, modern, and fresh.

As you can see, we love working with slubby silk, and we think you will love it, too. Visit our store for a consultation, and you can see our whole collection of fabric options, as well as full-sized displays. You can even take a drapery panel home to see if it works in your space. For more inspiration, you can sign up to receive our 2015 catalog, or follow us on Pinterest and Houzz.

We look forward to helping you keep your windows well-dressed!

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