Home Design Trends – Fall 2016

The weather isn’t the only thing that is changing this fall. New looks are hitting the fashion runways and new styles are shaking up the design world. From velvety textures to bold floral prints, this season is bringing several new trends that are especially fabulous!

Here are the fall home design trends that have us most excited:

Floral – It’s back and it’s awesome!

If you were around the first time floral was big, you might be a little nervous about it making a comeback. We all have a floral print in our past…

Floral Bridesmaid Dresses Circa 1993

Bridesmaids circa 1993

But rest assured, the floral prints this season are stunningly sophisticated. We love florals because they make a big impact, even when only used in a small section of a room. If you’re timid about this trend, start with a few floral throw pillows or a floral print valance or shade. Another option is to add floral banding to a solid drape. If you’re ready to jump in head first, there are some beautiful floral wallpapers that will make a bold impact in your room and on your heart!

Fall Trends 2016 - Floral is back!


Fall Trends 2016 - Floral prints

Vervain: Zerbina in berry

If you’re somewhere in the middle between timid and ready to jump all in, consider drapery fabrics with softer, more subtle floral prints. The end result will still be lovely, but isn’t as big of a leap as covering an entire wall.

Fall Trends 2016 - Floral

Fall Trends 2016 - Floral

We love this surprising floral fabric! At first glance it appears black and white. Look closer and you’ll notice fun pops of color!

“Pops” of Menswear

Fall Trends 2016 - Menswear

Pinstripes are hot!

Menswear is another trend that we’ve seen before but it’s been freshened up and now looks better than ever. Pinstripes are majorly trending and we’re seeing them on the runway and in home design. It’s the new animal print!

Fall Trends - Menswear

Menswear then.         

Fall Trends 2016 - Menswear

Menswear now.

Velvet – Texture is always in style

Fall Trends 2016 - Velvet

Look at the gorgeous drape of this fabric!

Is there a more rich, luxurious fabric than velvet? Velvet truly has transformative powers! It drapes beautifully so of course it makes for gorgeous draperies. But velvet can also be used on furniture. If you don’t have the budget for a velvet couch, try a velvet ottoman and a few velvet throw pillows.

Fall Home Design Trends - Velvet


Fall Home Design Trends - Velvet

This velvet couch in emerald green really brings the drama!  


Green – It’s the new must-have color

Green is gaining in popularity this fall — in particular, dark, moodier greens. If you’re looking for a new signature color to embrace, make it green. It pairs amazingly well with other trending design elements — brass, copper, mixed metals, earthy textures, and modernized vintage pieces. We especially love green paired with navy blue. If Hollywood Regency is your design style, we can’t think of a more glamorous combo than dark green and velvet!

Fall Home Design Trends - Green


Which of these new trends is your personal favorite? At Drapery Street, we offer complimentary design consultations. Schedule a free consultation with one of our design experts for help incorporating these fabulous new trends into your home.

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