Design Trend: Hand-Painted Drapes

Last year, we had the honor of having local artist Anne Cleary feature some gorgeous hand-painted drapes in our store. The gorgeous panels she created were not just window treatments; they were also priceless works of art.

Anne Cleary Hand Painted Drapery Panels

Hand-painted drapes created by a talented artist are a luxury in which few can indulge; however, the gorgeous look of hand-painted drapes is possible without spending a fortune. Drapery Street has some beautiful new fabrics from our Ready-to-Drape collection that make the look of hand-painted drapes accessible and affordable. Take a look at these stylish selections:

Hand Painted Floral Drapes

Floral prints are always a lovely choice, and we love the gentle beauty a painted floral print brings. This print is a blend of rich colors that makes a statement without overwhelming the room. Drapery panels from this fabric would be an excellent choice for a master bedroom or living room.

Gold and Gray Hand-Painted Drapery Fabric

If you want to incorporate two colors into your window treatment, but want something softer than a stripe, a painted drapery fabric like this might be the right choice. The yellow and gray create a subtle contrast that is sure to be noticed. These drapery panels would look great alongside some gray furniture from our DS Home Collection.

Gray Painted Drape

The hand-painted look is also a great way to bump up the impact of a neutral drape. We adore the classic beauty of this gray fabric. Drapes like this would really stand out against a neutral wall, and would also be very stylish when paired with a pop of bright color.

If you’re ready to turn your windows into a work of art, schedule a design consultation with us. We can show you more gorgeous looks like these from our Ready-to-Drape collection, or help you find something that is uniquely you. No matter your taste, we won’t be satisfied until you get a window that you love!


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