The #1 Overlooked Design Decision When Building a New Home

Planning for window treatments is often overlooked in the build process by homeowners, architects, and builders alike. However, window treatments make a surprisingly big impact on how you enjoy your home. Have you ever experienced a room that is uncomfortably hot from afternoon sun or ever tried to fall asleep in a bedroom riddled with light from a streetlamp? If you’ve had firsthand experience with one of these issues or something similar, then you know how important the right window treatments are.

Prewiring Is A MUST!

Window treatments should be on your mind from the time you start scanning blueprints. If you plan to have motorized and minimalist treatments, you’ll want to prewire your new home. You only get one opportunity to do this properly. If you skip this important step, you’ll limit your options significantly and likely eliminate any opportunity for truly modern recessed treatments.

You’re building your dream home. Let’s discuss how to avoid a potential nightmare.

Work With The Experts

How do you plan ahead to address lighting concerns while achieving the polished look and state-of-the-art functionality you desire? You need an expert.

Starting at your complimentary design consultation, your dedicated Drapery Street designer will look over your blueprints and help you decide which types of window treatments will work best in each room of your new home. Your designer will show you options that will meet your lighting, privacy, and design goals.

Once you have made your selections, your designer will work with your architect or builder to ensure power supplies are located properly and pocket sizes are correct for recessed treatments. Recessing allows for treatments to virtually disappear when they are not needed and look chic and modern when closed. Drapery Street has a 10-step process to ensure your project is done perfectly. We manage the process every step of the way, allowing you to relax and know every detail is covered.

What If I Don’t Prewire?

You only get one chance to do this right. We simply can’t stress that enough. Prewired window treatments forgo unsightly retrofitted wires and bulkier battery packs, allowing for low-profile recessed installation. If you desire minimalist modern design, prewiring is the way to go.

Shades do not cost more when they are prewired, although construction costs to recess wired window treatments may add to your initial build budget. If you don’t prewire and then later want recessed treatments, you’ll be looking at a costly and timely renovation.

Details That Often Get Overlooked

Drapery Street knows the details to consider during a home build. Some common ones that often get overlooked include:

  • Allowing proper space in walls for recessed hardware.
  • Completely hiding electrical power to achieve a clean look.
  • Wiring spaces with proper voltage to accommodate window treatment specifications.
  • Determining how the treatment will be operated: Mobile app, wall switch, remote, or home automation system.  
Prewiring Window Treatments for a Clean Look
Yes, this kitchen window has window treatments! Because they are motorized and recessed, they are invisible when drawn up. (Window treatments by Drapery Street)
Prewiring Window Treatments for a Clean Look
At the touch of a button, these shades can be closed for privacy and glare control. (Window treatments by Drapery Street)

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when building a new home is failing to prewire for window treatments. Don’t overlook this important feature of your new home that you’ll use daily for decades to come. Plan early, in the design phase of your build, to ensure you get results you’ll love forever.

Drapery Street specializes in curated privacy, lighting, and views through the use of multiple window treatment tools, including motorization. Request a complimentary design consultation to learn how we can help you.  

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