Wedgwood Building Company x Drapery Street: Creating Well-Designed Homes

Wedgewood x Drapery Street

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At Drapery Street, we create window treatments that are uniquely yours and perfectly suited to your one-of-a-kind home, needs, and style. So we’re thrilled to be a preferred vendor of Wedgewood Building Company. The team at Wedgewood shares Drapery Street’s vision when it comes to luxury, practicality, and value: why not have it all? 

Building Your Dream Home with Wedgewood

Your home is an extension of yourself. It should be a place where you and your family can relax, entertain, and grow. That takes good design — and Wedgewood delivers. Get inspired by their portfolio to see homes that are formal, functional, and relaxing all at once. Natural materials, traditional features, and innovative designs turn homes in choice communities into experiences that have to be seen to be believed. 

Wedgewood’s incredible homes start with a commitment to a transparent design process that puts your needs and lifestyle first, meaning your new home will be uniquely yours. Their team of architects and building experts offers a collaborative, individualized experience as they help you bring your dream home to life. 

Wedgewood Building Company x Drapery Street

Photo Credit: The Home Aesthetic

Complete Your Wedgewood Home with Drapery Street

Drapery Street’s selection of high-quality, customized window treatments fits right in with any Wedgewood design. We work with homeowners to create custom draperies, blinds, shutters, or shades that complete the unique style of the home while avoiding common mistakes. In each room, we address privacy, light control, and other issues to create the perfect environment. 

Bedroom drapes

From inspiration to installation, we oversee the entire process. You can work with us alone or include your Wedgewood designer in our meetings. At our showroom, you’ll be able to see full-size displays and fabric samples so you know exactly what you’re choosing. 

By involving Drapery Street in the design process during construction, you’ll be able to plan for the window treatments you want and fully integrate them into your home. Your Drapery Street designer will review the blueprints of your new home and visit while it’s under construction. They’ll get accurate measurements for each window as well as a feel for each room’s unique designs and needs. 

blue living room drapes

Working within your budget, your Drapery Street designer will help you find different options that meet the needs of different rooms. For example, you might want statement-making drapes in your dining room where you plan to host holiday dinners while your bedrooms and bathrooms require more privacy-oriented selections. The window above the sink may benefit from shutters that can stand up to getting splashed with water while a cost-effective shade might be the best solution for your garage. 

dining room drapes

kitchen roman shades

We’ll never push a one-sized-fits-all approach because that often leads to frustrating results once you move in. We’ll take the time to discover how you plan to use each room and guide you to options that will work best. 

Prewiring Your Wedgewood Home for Motorized Treatments 

If you want the best for your new home, it pays to plan ahead. Your Wedgewood and Drapery Street designers will be able to prepare your home for motorized window treatments by prewiring, allowing us to install powered options without using battery packs. Today’s motorized window treatments come in all varieties so you can have the designer shades and blinds you want with automated functionality you’ll love. 

If your vision includes powered window treatments, Drapery Street and Wedgewood begin preparations about three months before your home’s completion. We’ll make sure all wiring and electrical boxes are in place and hidden so your window treatments will be powered without intruding on your aesthetic. 

Create a Well-Designed Home

Ready to begin the experience of building your dream home? Learn more about the expert team at Wedgewood and request a design consultation at Drapery Street.

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