Q&A with Carmel, Indiana Real Estate Consultant Carrie Holle

Many of our clients here at Drapery Street are looking to make a new house into a home. The housing market here in Central Indiana is surging, and few places are more desirable to home buyers than our own beautiful Carmel and the surrounding area. If you’re in the market right now, what should you expect from your house-hunting experience? To find out, we interviewed the leader of the #1 real estate team in Hamilton County, Carrie Holle!

Carrie Holle
Carrie Holle, Indiana real estate consultant

The Carrie Holle Group is renowned in the industry for service and effectiveness. Carrie Holle and her team can help you find your dream home or net you the best offer on your current home. Named a five-star agent for 10 years running, there’s no one better to turn to in Carmel for any of your real estate needs. 

So what are Carrie Holle’s insights on the current housing market in Central Indiana? Let’s find out: 

Q: What are the most popular features that Indiana homebuyers are looking for right now? 

A: Before the pandemic, buyers were attracted to smaller lots with less maintenance. Large estate lots and large square-footage homes were not in vogue. But we saw a real paradigm shift over the past year. Now, buyers are attracted to larger homes that offer more space for both work and relaxation. Large private lots with pools are the hottest sellers at the moment.

Q: Which central Indiana neighborhoods are most in-demand right now? 

A: All neighborhoods are in demand. Buyers are snatching up every home that hits the market in a matter of days across the entire country.

Q: How quickly are homes selling in the area? 

A: On average, homes are on the market for four days or less. A seller will often receive multiple offers in the first 48 hours. They will take the next day to sift through all the offers to see which one is most appealing to them.

Q: In regards to bidding wars, what is the average amount of offers that homes are receiving?  

A: It is really on a case-by-case basis. Generally, the lower the price point, the more offers the seller will receive. But a beautiful home at any price will fetch multiple offers. I personally have received over 20 offers on a listing. And I’ve also put in an offer for a buyer on a $1.65 million home that received 12 offers on the first day.

Q: Are condo sales up too, or only single-family homes? 

A: Condo sales usually lag behind single-family-home sales. However, in the current market, they are in just as high demand as everything else.

Q: If you could describe the current central Indiana housing market in one word, what would it be? 

A: Exhausting!

Q: What advice do you have for buyers in this market? 

A: Be patient. You will find a home. Hire an agent who has the knowledge and experience of how to win a bidding war while protecting you so you don’t overpay and make a bad investment. 

Making Your New House a Home

Carrie Holle is an expert in helping you find the perfect house. And when you’re ready to turn it into a home, Drapery Street is the place to start. Our window treatments add comfort, functionality, and style to your new abode. No matter your needs, we have solutions for you – and a special discount to help you get started!

Drapery Street Showroom
Visit the Drapery Street showroom in the Indiana Design Center in Carmel, Indiana

Our expert design consultants can walk you through the latest trends in window treatments and work with you to find the right product for your home. High-quality window treatments like the modern, motorized J. Gieger shading system or Hunter Douglas treatments don’t just add to the value of your new house. They also make it a comfortable place to live by providing style, privacy, and light control. We also have solutions to help you enjoy your new outdoor spaces more fully, free from pesky bugs and uncomfortable sun glare. 

If you’re building a new home, the window treatments should be part of your early decision-making. Motorized window treatments work best when your home is pre-wired for them, but this is one of the most overlooked decisions in the design process of building a home. Learn more about pre-wiring here and when you’re ready, we’ll be happy to coordinate the process for you.

Drapery Street Consultation
Design consultations are complimentary

Check out the beautiful dwellings available with Carrie Holle if you’re ready to call a new place home. And when you close the deal, schedule a consultation with a Drapery Street designer to truly make it yours!

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